Used Gem Nighthawk Custom Falcon .38 Super

Nighthawk Custom FalconThis used gem is a Nighthawk Custom Falcon chambered in .38 Super, and is part of the continuation of a private collection that I keep buying into.  The weapon is technically used as it was owned by someone but never fired.  Nighthawk doesn’t make any weapons in .38 Super anymore so there is some added value there as well.

The Nighthawk Custom Falcon is one of the most popular models in the Nighthawk Custom line of pistols. It’s quick to see why when you look at the sleek lines, as well as the practical competitive shooting features. One of the distinctive features of the Falcon is our one-piece fully machined mainspring/magwell cut from a 2½” block of tool steel. Rather than coming to a sharp point at the base of the grip, the integrated mainspring/magwell is rounded for comfort while also not sacrificing any grip length while using on the range. The Falcon is Nighthawk’s number one pistol used in IDPA matches. The front of the slide has a Hi-Power style cuts where the front cocking serrations would normally be, and the crowned barrel completes the beautiful custom look.

This 1911 is prices to move on down the road when compared with the price points I see on line.  Come down and take a look.  As always, thank you for reading the Blog at