Stippling by Action Repair at Gunshine Arms!

Stippling by Action Repair at Gunshine Arms!Stippling by Action Repair is now available at Gunshine Arms!  Stippling is something that a lot of people are offering as a service these days.  It’s a great way to personalize your weapon and also add some functional traction to it as well.  Come in and sit down with us to design how you would like your weapon to look and in about a week you will have your weapon back and be rocking and rolling at the range with a big smile on your face.

Many of you may not realize it but if you have been dropping off gunsmithing here at the shop over the last four years, you have already been dealing with Action Repair.  They are bringing the same attention to detail that you have experienced with your repair, restoration and detailing services into the realm of stippling.  Great things are always going on at the shop and we are always aiming to expand our services to you.  Come by and take a look around at the best inventory in Boca Raton with all the services you need to meet and exceed your needs.  Over 5 years and running servicing this community and it always puts a smile on my face to open the door every morning.

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