Steyr L9-A1 Supressor Ready 9mm

Steyr L9-A1 Supressor Ready 9mmThe Steyr L9-A1 Supressor Ready 9mm pistol is a tremendous value for those of you that have suppressors and are looking for a workhorse of a 9mm pistol.  The L9-A1 is the largest of the Steyr pistol line and offers maximum accuracy for duty use, home defense and target shooting. A full-length integrated Picatinny rail allows for mounting of nearly any standard light and/or laser. The slide of the Steyr L9-A1 also features slide serrations at both the rear and front of the slide for easy manipulation. Featuring a low bore axis, this pistol minimizes recoil and improves control. The lower frame of the weapon offers a standard slide release, right-handed magazine drop button and pivoting break-down lever. This pistol also features three loaded chamber indicators. Sights are Steyr’s trapezoidal setup for quick and easy sight picture acquisition. This model features a 1/2×28 threaded barrel.

This weapon comes with two 17 round magazines from the factory and we have included an additional two factory 17 round magazines with the package.  You can purchase this package for $549 plus tax and background.  As always, thank you for reading the Blog at