Never Forget

never forget

Eighteen years have gone by.  Never forget.  It is our responsibility to talk about what we witnessed to a generation that is still too young to have any personal memory of that day and all the months that followed.  People that were at work early on that picturesque day.  Those on their way into work in downtown Manhattan as well as at the Pentagon.  All of the men and women in Police and Fire that perished trying to regain control of a situation that couldn’t be controlled.  Many of those first responders are still perishing today as a result of their desire save lives and to help their fellow man.  Our nation was horrified by the sudden loss of so many.

Whether you were watching on a TV in Kansas or standing in NYC eighteen years ago today, you bore witness to something that altered our reality.  Tell the younger kids what you saw and what it meant to you.  It’s important that you share your memories.  We now live in a time where your reality is managed and manipulated on a daily basis by the TV that hangs in your living room and the phone that sits in your hand.  All of those screens, both big and small, cloud your perceptions.  Your memories are yours.  Do something useful with them.  Give a younger person a piece of your older perspective.  Remember how the people in our country came together in the aftermath of tragedy.  Love our country.  Value the people that truly serve our country.  Share your experience with a generation that is old enough to vote and old enough to serve but never saw what you saw.  Make sure they…

Never forget.










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