Mossberg 590 Mariner & 500 JIC Mariner in stock!

Mossberg 590 MarinerThe Mossberg 590 Mariner & 500 JIC Mariner are in stock!  A bunch of clients and friends are making the trip back and forth to the Bahamas a couple of times a week to deliver relief supplies.  These Mossberg Marinecote 12 gauge shotguns have been at the top of their wish lists when they come into the shop.  More just landed in the shop last night.  The weapon at the top of the photo is the Mossberg 590 Marinecote which is an 8 shot 12ga and sealed in the tube at the bottom of the photo is the Mossberg JIC 500 Mariner pistol grip shorty 12ga also finished in the Marinecote.  These are ideal boat security weapons for the crossing that won’t succumb to the salt air.  Thank you to all who keep making the crossing!  As always, thank you for reading the Blog at