KIMBER PRO CDP II Crimson Trace Grip .45acp

KIMBER PRO CDP II Crimson TraceThis KIMBER PRO CDP II Crimson Trace Grip chambered in .45acp is another unfired 1911 from that collection that I’ve been taking in weapons from.  Everything that came from the factory is in the case. The CDP II comes from the Kimber Custom Shop, and attention to detail is evident in its fit and finish. The slide is stainless steel with a nice brushed finish, and the frame is aluminum. Both the frame and slide have been de-horned (sharp corners removed). This pistol has night sights and an enlarged and lowered ejection port.

There is a 4-inch bull barrel that is fitted perfectly to the slide with no barrel bushing. The full-length guide rod handles a 22-pound recoil spring so you can shoot plenty of +P 45 ACP ammo. The Aluminum frame is finished in matte black, which contrasts nicely with the stainless steel slide. It has the tough KimPro II finish on the frame.  The front strap of the frame is checkered at 25 lines per inch. The aluminum trigger is match grade, contributing to the accuracy of this 1911.  The standard rosewood grips were replaced at the factory with rosewood Crimson Trace Laser Grips.  The KIMBER PRO CDP II is a seriously nice 1911 at a price point that should make you smile.

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