HK P30L V3 Pistols back in stock at the shop!

HK P30L V3HK P30L V3 Pistols back in stock at the shop!  Heckler und Koch has seen its share of corporate issues over the past few years and that has shown in the lack of inventory in the civilian sector from one of my favorite manufacturers.  These P30L V3’s have been unicorns for some time now.  This is the LE edition which comes standard with Tritium Night Sights, three 15 round magazines, customizable grips, rear de-cocking button, and fully ambidextrous controls.  Whether you are looking for a home defense tool, a range toy, or just an all around home run of a sidearm…this weapon demands your consideration.  HK’s new price points make this P30L a lot more affordable than they once were.

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