Frequently Asked Questions

We buy used weapons.  The correct way to bring weapons to Gunshine is in a case of some kind, with the action opened and empty, and magazine dropped from the mag well.  If you are interested in selling or trading your used weapons, keep in mind that Gunshine Arms adheres to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) guidelines for incoming property, which means that we will photograph you and your weapon(s), take your thumb print and record your personal data.  All of that data is sent to PBSO.
We are happy to facilitate a transfer for clients who request it.  Just send an eMail to [email protected] with your contact information, what you purchased, plus the name and eMail of the FFL that will be shipping your weapon.  Once that information is received, we will contact the shipping FFL to exchange licenses and get your weapon(s) headed to Florida.  Gunshine charges a fee of $35 per firearm, plus the state charges $5 for each 4473 form.  Please feel free to ask us if we can obtain the firearm you are looking for before you order it online.  On-line vendors do not always have the most transparent product descriptions or “costs”.
Gunshine Arms is a Class 3 dealer. The shop keeps an inventory of Sound Suppression devices and SBR’s in stock. If we don’t have something in stock that you would like, it can be in the shop in around 7 days.

The shop is happy to handle CLASS 3 Transfers if you are looking for something that we can’t obtain for you.  There is a transfer fee of $75 per Silencer/Suppressor.  There is a transfer fee of $100 per Short Barreled Rifle.  The fees for Full Auto Transfers are subject to evaluation and are not set prices.  These fees include your background check and the cost of processing your paperwork with NFA branch as well as storage of your items until your approval come in.  These fees DO NOT include the cost of your tax stamp application which is payable to the BATFE.

Gunsmith service is available here. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 561.756.8415 before bringing in your equipment. The correct way to bring weapons to Gunshine is in a case of some kind, with the action opened and empty, and magazine dropped from the mag well.  If the service you request will require test firing, please bring any necessary magazines.  You can supply your own ammo or pay the Gunsmith his rates for test rounds.  A $30 cash deposit is required for each weapon left here for service.

Store Policies

Thank you for your interest in Gunshine Arms and our services.  We want you to have a great experience here.  Understanding our store policy will help you do just that. Please be respectful of the shop and its clients, and you will be shown that same respect and courtesy.  The goal of Gunshine Arms is to create a happy client base.  We are always open to worthy suggestions, so feel free to contact us if you believe you can help us provide you with better service.

Florida Statute 790 lists all of the places in which you are prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon when you are licensed.  The law does not prohibit you from carrying a concealed weapon into any type of retail store. As such, Gunshine Arms is a big proponent of your 2nd Amendment rights, and of the privilege of responsibly carrying a weapon for those who are licensed.

If you do carry into our shop, keep in mind that CONCEALED means CONCEALED – be respectful of the shop and its clients.  Regardless of your intent, please do not attempt to remove a concealed weapon from its place of concealment.  If you attempt to draw a weapon out of its place of concealment inside Gunshine Arms, you will be viewed as someone with criminal intent.  Training and discipline are cornerstones of carrying a weapon responsibly, and we are privileged to have excellent instructors that can help you in those areas.

Federal Background Checks will be done for all weapons sold at Gunshine Arms.

1.  For sidearms, you must be a Florida resident with a valid state issued photo ID that has your correct address on it.

2.  For long guns, you don’t need to be a Florida resident, but the weapon you are attempting to purchase must be legal at the Local, County and State level of your State of Residence.

3. If you have a valid Florida Concealed Weapon License, you may take your weapon with you on the day of purchase after passing the Federal Background Check.  If you do not have a CWL, the waiting period is five business days (not including the day of the transaction).

NOTE: If you have a criminal issue in your background that will prevent you from completing a weapon purchase, please don’t waste your time, or the shop’s time…the machine NEVER forgets!

Weapons left at Gunshine for more than 90 days are considered abandoned, and reasonable attempts to contact the prospective owners will be made prior to the end of the 90 day period.  This policy does not apply to Class 3 NFA weapons that are awaiting approval from the Federal government.  Our goal is deliver your weapons to you, but we are not in the business of long term storage.
Please do NOT enter the shop if you have been drinking or are otherwise altered.  The shop reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE at the sole discretion of the owner.  If you are asked to leave and refuse, you will be considered trespassing.  PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE PREMISES.