CZ 75 P-01 Compact 9mm is back in the shop!

CZ 75 P-01The CZ 75 P-01 is back in the shop!  These are some of my favorite sidearms.  Just small enough to conceal on an every day basis and just big enough to run your round count up on training days and not beat up your hand.  The ergonomics on this weapon are fantastic.  When you pick it up, you feel like the folks at CZ had your hand in mind when they designed it.

The CZ P-01 is a compact, aluminum-framed 9mm designed for LE and Military duty, but its compact size and the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame make it ideal for discrete carry as well. Equipped with a decocker, the P-01 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer-down carry. With a heavy first-round trigger pull, any additional shots are a light, crisp single action.  With an integral 1913 accessory rail on its dust cover, the P-01 easily accepts any of the industry-standard lights and lasers to assist with low-light use.

This weapon is an insane value considering what you get right from the factory.  As always, thank you for reading the Blog at