Congratulations to Blackhawk Custom

Blackhawk Custom Charon

As it’s now public knowledge thanks to the FOIA, congratulations to Blackhawk Custom on winning the contract to provide Short Barreled Rifles to the Boca Raton P.D.!  Those of you who have been lucky enough to get one of the Charon SBR’s through my shop will be smiling as you read this.  There isn’t an SBR out there that can keep up with these weapons, and that was proven in the T&E process which resulted in the selection of Blackhawk Custom to fill the contract.  It’s well deserved.  Needless to say, the Charon SBR’s will be a little more scarce for the coming months as this and other contracts get filled by Blackhawk Custom.  Please inquire at the shop for availability.  Unfortunately for Boca P.D., your rifles won’t look as sweet as mine (pictured above)  but they will run the same which is all that counts.

As always, thank you for reading the Blog at and thank you to for some outstanding photography of superior gear from Blackhawk Custom