The shop will OPEN at 11am(ish) on Wednesday October 18th so that I can attend to a family medical responsibility in the morning. Thank you for your understanding.

New Arrivals

Mossberg Shotgun Friday!

Starting from the top, you have the Mossberg 500 Scorpion 12ga, in the middle you have the Mossberg 590 12ga, and at the bottom is the Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12ga Pistol.

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Workaround for credit card processing is up…

Morning all. There is a credit card processing workaround up and running at the shop now, no thanks to Comcast. The total lack of fuqs given by Comcast employees throughout this process is on par with what we’ve seen from them before. The fact that the shop technology is all being run with two cell phones, an iPad and a laptop (and running well) makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing paying the premium for business services from Comcast that are supposed to come with priority support and restoration of service. I wonder if everyone just switched to AT&T, would Comcast care?

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The Shop is OPEN today but…

The Shop has electricity now and is OPEN today but there are still no phones or internet available. Shop phone is forwarded to my cell and I have the ability to do background checks through the cell hotspot, but I can’t process credit cards until the service comes back on line. COMCAST (company is the bane of my existence) is suggesting that service should be restored by Thursday.

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Shop will CLOSE at 2pm today 09/07/17…

The shop will CLOSE at 2pm today in order to attempt to prepare both it and my family for what’s coming. I will be here buttoning up after 2pm but I will not open the door past 2pm. Please plan accordingly. May we all be fortunate enough to come out the other side of this storm in one piece.

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The SHOP is OPEN for business and fully stocked. Based upon all of the hurricane models, the shop will be OPEN today and tomorrow for normal hours and then it looks like Friday might be a half day or CLOSED. I will update on Friday’s status when we see what way the wind is blowing tomorrow.

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