Blackhawk Custom Charon Pistol 5.56

BLACKHAWK CUSTOM CHARON MK18 PISTOLThe first Blackhawk Custom Charon Pistol in 5.56 just landed in the shop.  Enough of you are now in possession of the Blackhawk Custom Charon SBR’s in both 5.56 and .300blkout to know what kind of quality equipment Blackhawk manufacturers.  I’d been asking for a Charon in Pistol format and one showed up last night.  It’s exactly what you’d want right down to the 3-position SB Tactical Brace and the Disruptive Grey Cerakote.  These weapons really are second to none in my opinion.

Some basic specs are Blackhawks standard 1-in-7 Twist 416R Stainless Steel 10.3″ Barrel, 100% milspec forged lower and upper receivers.  The upper receiver has the T markings engraved. The CHARON has an M16 Full Auto Bolt Carrier group (that does not mean she runs full auto) that is specially coated to allow for dry operation when environmental conditions make it necessary.  5 coil extractor (opposed to a 3 coil) ensuring reliable and consistent extraction of each round, upgraded ejector springs.  She comes equipped with the Dead Air Flash Hider as most of the folks that have bought the Charon SBR’s have opted for Dead Air Cans.  No NFA Paperwork is required on these weapons as they are Pistols.  The ATF reversed their opinion on shouldering the SB Tactical Arm braces last year which means that you will not incur the wrath of the Federal Government by shouldering this weapon at the range.

I’ve had enough people ask the question, so the answer is as follows.  The Model name of the weapon is CHARON.  CHARON is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.  I encourage you all to google Blackhawk CHARON to see where else the weapon pops up.  Badass equipment.

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