UPDATE: Friday Trivia Quiz 7/18/14 IS NOW OVER…

UPDATE: Friday Trivia Quiz 7/18/14 IS NOW OVER…

THE ANSWER TO TODAYS TRIVIA QUIZ IS Heckler Und Koch.  If you look at the logo, there is a U designed in between the H and the K.  I didn’t see it before today and we had four people come in with the incorrect answer before Tim from Boca came in with it.  Thank you for playing.


Good morning all and Happy Friday!  There will be only one winner and when the Trivia Question has been answered successfully and the game is finished, I will update the Blog.  Todays quiz will be answered correctly by the first person to walk into the shop that can successfully answer todays question.  Todays Trivia question is an exercise in observation that has to do with the logo for one of the manufacturers that we carry.  This logo is something that I see a hundred times a day but I never quite picked up on this.  It was shown to me by someone that knows more about these weapons than most people on earth.

Todays question is as follows.  Look at the logo below and tell me exactly what the initials in the logo stand for.  Remember you have to walk into the shop with the correct answer to win!

HK Logo

Todays prize will be winners choice.  The first option will be a 50rd box of CCI Stinger.22lr (1640 FPS).  The second choice will be a 100rd box of CCI Mini-Mag .22lr 36gr HP (1260 FPS).

As always, thank you for reading the Blog at https://gunshinearms.com and for Playing the Friday Trivia Quiz!